Instant Pot® Comparison Chart


  Duo™  Duo™ Nova Duo™ Plus Smart Wifi Max™ Ultra™ Duo Evo™ Plus Duo Crisp™ + Air Fryer
  112-0003-03_IB_EPC_Silo_Duo_6qt_Hero.jpg 112-0079-01_Duo-Nova-6-Quart_Hero.jpg 113-0000-01_IB_EPC_Silo_DuoPlus_8qt_Hero.jpg 112-0019-01_IB_EPC_Silo_Smart-Wifi_Smart-Wifi---Hero.jpg 112-0016-02_IB_EPC_silo_Max_6qt_Hero.jpg 113-0006-01_IB_EPC_Silo_Square_Ultra_8qt_Hero.jpg 113-0022-01_IB_EPC_Silo_DuoEvoPlus_8qt_Hero.jpg 140-0021-01_IB_EPC_Silo_Duo-Crisp_8qt_Hero.jpg
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  Classic Best for Beginners Best for Parents Best for the Tech Chef Best for Canning 15 PSI Best for Home Chefs Most Innovative The Instant Pot that Air Fries

# of Appliances

7-in-1 7-in-1 9-in-1 9-in-1 9-in-1 10-in-1 10-in-1 11-in-1
Air Fryer              
Air Fryer Lid Compatible        
Sous Vide      
Auto Seal Lid    
Cooking Progress Indicator      
Stovetop- Friendly Inner Pot               
Quart Size 3,6,8 3,6,8,10 3,6,8 6 6 6 6,8 8